Badger Childhood Cancer Network relies solely on our community for financial support.  BCCN does not receive any state or federal funding, or receive financial assistance from any national organization.  This incredible organization relies solely on donations made by individuals, businesses and organizations, money raised from fundraisers and grants.

Regular donations make it possible for families who need help with groceries, gas, rent, car repairs and other basic expenses when their kids are undergoing aggressive, life-saving treatments. To offer support groups and informational materials.  To provide Hero Beads and Med Kits.

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What your gift can do:

  • $500 will give six months of emergency financial assistance to the family of a child with cancer, providing, for example, a car repair, utility payments, rent or mortgage payments
  • $350 will pay for one meeting of our Monthly Family Support group, where families play together and share their thoughts and fears, have dinner and maybe relax and smile for a while
  • $200 will provide groceries for a family whose child has been in the hospital for several weeks
  • $180 will support the Hero Bead Program for all the kids currently on treatment for two months.
  • $100 will supply a family with a “New Diagnosis Bag,” including a $50 gas card, books and informational materials, toiletries and toys
  • $50 buys 4 books on childhood cancer for our parent library
  • $25 provides a gas card to a family so they can get their child or teen to the hospital for cancer treatment for 2 weeks


Badger Childhood Cancer Network

BCCN’s mission is to educate, support, serve and advocate for children with cancer and blood disorders, their families, survivors of childhood cancer and the professionals who care for them. From diagnosis to the end of treatment, into survivorship or bereavement BCCN has been there for children with cancer and blood disorders and their families for more than 15 years.

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